New Pembrokeshire Meadows Group!

EcoDewi was really excitied to join a Zoom meeting tonight (4th Feb 2021) about plans to form a new “Pembrokeshire Meadows Group” to help residents, landowners, communities and organisations manage or develop meadows. It took around 6,000 years to create the species-rich grassland for which the UK is globally famous, yet in less than a century we have lost 97%! Wales hosts 40% of the UK’s semi-natural grassland, but has received proportionately far less conservation funding. Magnificent Meadows Cymru is redressing that balance.

Interesting fact about carbon sequestration. According to an RSPB study, unimproved grassland (meadows) can store more soil carbon than wooded areas! Wood areas will store more biomass carbon (i.e. above ground) especially when mature. So all in all, there isn’t much in it. Both offer different benefits to wildlife/biodiversity so as with many things its about a balance, the type of land and location and creating a mosaic of different habitats with corridors between them.

During the meeting we watched a lovely little video about a meadow creation in Carmarthenshire where there is now a thriving meadows group. Check it out below.

The meadow at Blaen Tir, Carmarthenshire. By Derek Cobley

Let us know if you are interested and want to know more as anyone can join the group but EcoDewi hopes to be able to support locals in the St. David’s Peninsula who want to restore or create meadows. Thanks to Lucia at Plantlife Cymru, and Clare at Bumblebee Conservation Trust for organising & Ant from Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership / Partneriaeth Natur Sir Benfro for answering questions too.

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  1. please add me to your address / contacts list. I am an ecologist and bat surveyor primarily and am very interested in this meadows promotion heightening people’s awareness for the need to improve biodiversity.

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