With 97% of meadows lost across the UK since 1930, there is an urgent need to look at how we can help increase the numbers of meadows and wildflowers. EcoDewi believes that everyone can be involved and you don’t need loads of land to help, so that’s where our Mini Meadows project came from! Our Mini Meadows projects aims to work with local residents, homeowners, tourism sector and other business, as well as other organisations like schools and churches. Lots of our information for this project is thanks to Plantlife Cymru and the Blue Campaign. Check out the latest info & updates in the posts below, on our social media channel or get in contact if you want to be involved, know more or receive a FREE blue heart made locally out of recycled wood to show your support for the Mini Meadows projects and inspire others to get involved.

Podcast time with Renew Wales!

We were very honoured to be invited by Renew Wales, one of our partner organisations, to join them for a chat about biodiversity and green spaces as part of their new podcast series, ‘Renew Wales in conversation’.

Our Biodiversity & Community Engagement rep, Jeremy Wadia, joined fellow podcast guest Ian Thomas, of Welcome to Our Woods, and the Renew Wales host and one of their Pembrokeshire mentors, Jasmine Dale, for a great 30 minute chat. The group discussed why biodiversity is important to them, the challenges facing their areas with regards to volunteers and local understanding of issues, some of the current projects and the importance of collaboration and local action, and some wishes for the future! Hopefully you may enjoy it and it might even spark some ideas, debate and interest in getting more involved. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

More info on Renew Wales: Renew Wales is a practitioner-led programme helping communities in Wales reduce their carbon footprint, adapt to the impacts of climate change and live more sustainably. Working through a network of Local Coordinators, hosted in local third sector organisations, Renew links community groups with Peer Mentors – experienced people who can offer their advice, inspiration and knowledge to enable others to take their first steps towards action on climate change. Renew was set up and is supported by a group of organisations with a long track record of community development and climate change action, and is run by a small team within the Development Trusts Association Wales (DTA Wales). It is funded by the Sustainable Steps programme delivered through the Community Fund.

The best way to contact Renew Wales is via email: info@renewwales.org.uk

What have meadows ever done for us?

Meadows are disappearing across the UK for a variety of reasons. Is that a problem and what have meadows ever done for us?

Well, here our Top 5 reasons why EcoDewi believes it’s critical that we all help to restore and create meadows across the St Davids Peninsula, Pembrokeshire, Wales and the UK!

# 1 – A great space for pollinators. Our fruit, vegetables and crops all rely on pollinators and our pollinator species are really struggling in this ‘6th Mass Extinction’ event taking place. Wildflower meadows create a wonderful space for pollinators to thrive safely and create a large nectar source to sustain many threatened species.

# 2 – Rich habitat for a range of biodiversity. Beyond our pollinators, wildlflower meadows create rich biodiverse habitats for a huge variety of flora and fauna, and massively boosting ecosystems; from bees, moths and other insects, small birds and mammals, and a huge variety of native wildflowers that have graced our lands for centuries. We are in a biodiversity crisis and meadows can make a huge difference whatever the size.

# 3 – Amazing carbon stores. Did you know that a meadow (unimproved grassland) can store slightly more soil carbon than woodland? This is according to an RSPB briefing paper although it does acknowledge the woodland and scrub store more above ground carbon than grasslands. Nonetheless, it does to show how important meadows are in decarbonisation and tackling the effects of Climate Change.   

# 4 – Great at helping floor prevention. Flooding in Wales is on the rise due to climate change, yet meadows are know to have capacity to store huge quantities of flood water and then release it slowly over time. And of course when meadows are messed with or built on, this capacity greatly reduces.

# 5 – Amazing spaces to improve mental wellbeing. If you have walked past or stood amongst a wildflower meadow, then you will know the amazing feeling and power of being amongst and in awe of their beauty and majesty. In this digital age, at a time when communities are struggling and following a global pandemic, we must take our mental wellbeing more seriously, for all ages. So let’s create space where our neighbours, colleagues, visitors and family can rest, reflect and relax.

Image copyright Plantlife –

So, what have meadows ever done for us … or what can meadows do for us? Is it worth the effort to restore meadows and create new ones, whether mini meadows or larger ones? Well, you can probably guess our answer but how do you feel?

Plantlife Cymru has a great project called Magnificent Meadows Cymru which we urge you to explore. You can sign up for more info on Plantlife Cymru at by clicking here. As well as aiming to restore over 300 hectares of species-rich grassland in Wales, they are supporting the creation of Meadow Groups across counties in Wales and one is in Pembrokeshire! EcoDewi is part of the new group but if you’d like to get involved or know more then visit the Pembrokeshire Meadows Group Facebook page.

Funding to support our Mini Meadows!

We are over the moon to confirm that EcoDewi has been successful with an application for a Magic Little Grant via Localgiving! This £500 grant is from the Postcode Community Trust, a grant-giving charity funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

The grant will allow us to encourage local kids & adults to manage “land” better for nature; “land” could be a small front garden, part of a farmer’s field, a council roadside verge or pots on a doorstep. We want to encourage people to let plants, especially grassland, to grow to boost biodiversity and follow the principles of the Blue Heart Campaign. We will supply people with blue hearts made from recycled wood, to stick in the ground to highlight their efforts.

If you want to know more about our Mini Meadows project or our blue hearts, email jeremy@ecodewi.org.uk

No Mow May begins across the UK!

Our Mini Meadows project aims to promote the creation on loads of … yep, you’ve guessed it … mini meadows, by simply encouraging people not to fully mow their lawns or grass verges. Experts estimate that a shocking 97% of the UK’s meadows have been lost since the 1930s! Yet, many of us are fortunate to have lawns that we often mow to within an inch of their lives. We hope to inspire, encourage and support as many locals as possible to try not mowing all of their lawn and see the results:

1. what wildflowers appear

2. what butterflies, bees & other insects appear?

3. what other wildlife enjoys it?

4. how does it make you feel?

We’re also hoping to work with community councils, local schools, organisations and landowners, as well as Pembrokeshire County Council. It doesn’t matter how small or big your garden is, even a small amount of unmown lawn can benefit nature.

1st May is the start of #NoMowMay for many people. It doesn’t have to be a massive area as even a small wild area helps. We’re looking for residents, home-owners, businesses, organisations and landowners across the St Davids Peninsula and beyond in Pembrokeshire who will join us in trying to help our wildflowers and wildlife by going a little wild this summer! In line with the BLUE campaign we’re asking anyone who does this to put up a blue heart to help highlight the project to others and encourage more people to partake. We’ll even make you a blue heart from recycled wood if you’d like one and you can decorate it. Message us or email jeremy@ecodewi.org.uk for more details.

Our first blue heart on the local production line!

So, have a think and drop us a note. Together we can help our natural environment through some simple small steps. #NoMowMay #SayNoMow #natureisntneat MagnificentMeadows bluecampaign. We’ll be following the guidance and ideas of organisations & campaigns like the BLUE campaign and Plantlife Cymru with their Magnificent Meadows Cymru project. If what we’ve written above interests you, then please add a comment or email us.

#MiniMeadows is coming soon!

It’s #earthday2021 and we want to give you a sneak preview of our new project called Mini Meadows! More info coming very soon.