There are loads of ways to be involved with EcoDewi.
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Become a Supporter – signup to our Mailing List

We’d love it of you’d become a Supporter! Let us know you are out there and in support of our work by signing up to our Mailing List.  We won’t spam you with loads of email and simply update you every so often about what we are doing and progress on our projects. So, what are you waiting for? Click the SIGN ME UP button now!

Follow us on Social Media

Make sure your follow us on Social Media.  EcoDewi wants to maximise how we share what we are doing as well as useful local updates and news that are relevant to our community.  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by clicking on the relevant icon in the page footer. Please do also try to share our posts and help spread the word!

Be a Volunteer / Super Hero!

We think volunteers are like SUPER HEROES! EcoDewi is open to everyone in the community and we hope to offer loads of different ways for you to volunteer. Our steering group, helping to ensure we stay focused and choose the right projects, is made up completely of volunteers. All our projects are currently led by volunteers and we definitely need volunteers to work on projects and ensure successful completion; whether that’s beach cleans or wildlife conservation etc.  We are always in need of those with specific or even professional expertise whether that be in agriculture, ecology, sustainable energy or graphic design, marketing or legal work. We are only as strong as our community of volunteers so please consider joining us.  Get in touch and let us know how you might be able to volunteer with EcoDewi.

Make a financial donation

Whilst we aspire to be more self-sufficient in the future, at the moment EcoDewi is totally reliant on people’s donations and charitable grants. If you believe in what we are trying to achieve for the St. David’s Peninsula community & environment, and only if you are financially able to, please consider making a small donation to support our group. Click the DONATE button on the left to donate now … and thank you in advance.

Share an idea or just get in contact!

EcoDewi exists for the benefit of the St. David’s Peninsula, so we want to hear from you.  Whether you have a new project idea, have feedback on something we are doing, have a piece of news or event you think we could share to support another group or maybe you just want to say hello, whatever the reason please use the contact form below or drop us an email.


Alternatively you can email us directly at or message us via our social media pages using the links in the footer below.

We aim to be transparent and public, as to what we are up to and our progress with projects. You can see reports and presentations on the website, as well as meeting minutes and agendas by clicking on the link below (coming soon!)