EcoDewi joins Renew Wales!

EcoDewi is really excited to have signed up with Renew Wales. Renew Wales is a practitioner-led programme which helps communities in Wales reduce their carbon footprint, adapt to the impacts of climate change and live more sustainably. We read what they are trying to achieve and felt it immediately matched our own goals so got in touch with them.

They take a unique approach, working through a network of Local Coordinators, hosted in local third sector organisations. Renew Wales then links community groups like our with Peer Mentors – experienced people who can offer their advice, inspiration and knowledge to enable others to take their first steps towards action on climate change.

And who did Renew Wales allocate to be our local coordinator? The fabulous Jasmine Dale, pictured opposite, who spoke at our first Talks & Networking evening back in March with the team from Transition Bro Gwaun. We’re in the early stages of working with Renew Wales but are really excited about what we can learn from Jasmine, what mentors are available to support us and how we might eventually be able to help other groups ourselves.  Watch this space for more info!

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