How to make a donation

As a small not-for-profit community group, EcoDewi is fully reliant on donations & grants. We hope in time to become more self-sufficient, but for now we are very grateful to individuals or organisations able to financially support us.  We also appreciate times are tough so please only donate if you are really able to.  Our team are all volunteers and any donations will only be spent on the basic running costs, equipment and developing projects. Please see below how you can donate.

Bank transfer

A direct bank transfer is the best way for us to receive a donation as this doesn’t come with any fees for you or us. Please use our bank details below and if there is an option for a reference, include your name and the word “gift”. You may want to email us as well, just to check your donation has been received.

BANK:  Lloyds Bank
SORT CODE:  30-98-97


A donation via PayPal is quick and easy but does come with a small charge for EcoDewi.





If online payments aren’t your thing, then a cheque, payable to EcoDewi, is fine. Please contact us so we can tell you where to deliver the cheque too.

Thank you so much to everyone who is able to support our work, even if just in spirit.