Cambrian Offshore Ltd: New Owners of Ramsey Sound Tidal Energy Assets

St David’s Peninsula Local Energy Action Group – now renamed EcoDewi has been finding its feet over the last few months, but the project is already bearing fruit, proving to be an excellent platform for our engagement as a community with the various parts of the Energy Sector. 

We’ve successfully made contact with Cambrian Offshore Ltd: the Company that has purchased the former assets Tidal Energy Limited in Ramsey Sound.  Sue Barr, the CEO was kind enough to meet with St. David’s Local Energy officer, Geraint Michael recently, outlining their intentions for the site.  We’re looking forward to working closely together to make sure that we as a community can make the most of the benefits of the development.  

The intention for the site is to salvage as much data as possible from the TEL project, and then make the site and its facilities as attractive as possible to those wishing to commission small-scale devices – providing they are willing to share information on their performance with the rest of this emerging industry.  

The hope is that this will boost the development of Tidal Power as an energy source, and bring further investment to the area.  This also has potential as an excellent a community-owned device.

Over the next few months, we intend to work with key partners on creating viable business models for projects like these – building on the experience of previous projects elsewhere.   

Sue Barr will be at our Shaping our Peninsula’s Energy Future Event at Oriel-y-Parc on October the 26th to give a presentation on plans for the site, and to answer questions. 

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