EcoDewi exists to try to tackle the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis whilst simultaneously improving community wellbeing in the St. David’s Peninsula. It’s about local people … helping with local issues … and benefiting our local natural environment. And of course these benefits will all have a much wider reach, complementing other action to support our county, nation and the planet.

local people … helping with local issues … benefiting our local environment

The group was initially founded with a focus on producing locally-owned sustainable energy, thanks to a project officer from the LEAF project part of Pembrokeshire Community Energy. However, as the group began to discuss how it could help the community, it was very clear that there was so much more that could be done. As such the remit now focuses across the spectrum of improving our natural environment and supporting our community; local sustainable energy projects, beach cleans, wildlife conservation and much more! We hope you will join us on our journey!

EcoDewi is keen to ensure it fully represents our community so is always keen to hear about your ideas and suggestions, new project ideas and to have discussions about the work we do. So, whatever your particular area of passion might be, or if you just want to be part of the solution, drop us a note and get involved!

Proud to follow others

EcoDewi is proud to be following in the footsteps of the St. Davids Eco City Group which for years worked hard to improve the local environment and encourage the community of St. David’s to get more involved and consider changing habits to benefit the environment. They explored a massive range of projects, often being way ahead of the curve, and whilst not all their projects succeeded they did inspire others to get involved and fo more.  Unfortunately the group ‘retired’ a few years ago, but we are really pleased that some of their key members are now helping to steer EcoDewi forwards in order to benefit the entire St Davids Peninsula and not just the city.

We want to ensure the of all those involved in St. Davids Eco City Group isn’t forgotten so have put together a timeline of their achievements until the formation of EcoDewi. Click HERE to check it out.

Meet the Team

Jeremy Wadia

Focus: Biodiversity & Community Engagement

Brigit Thurstan

Focus: Treasurer

Geraint Michael

Focus: Sustainable Energy

Simon Plant

Focus: Chair

Katy Fox

Focus: Beach Cleans

Estelle Jakubowski

Focus: Beach Cleans

Clare Wimperis

Focus: Sustainable Agriculture & Soil Improvement

Melanie Maloney

Focus: Community Orchards

Becky Lloyd

Focus: Circular Economy

Joe Kitchell

Focus: Web Management

John Maloney

Focus: Planning Liaison

Paul Cowley

Focus: Solar & Sustainable Energy projects

Andy Dixon

Focus: Marine Energy

Dan Jones

Focus: Locally Produced Food

Our Partners

EcoDewi is proud to be working with a variety of other organisations, each in different ways. Some we are affiliated with, some we are members of, some we are collaborating with on potential projects and others we just really get on well with and enjoy supporting and chatting to! We believe collaboration is the only way to succeed, especially in the battle against the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. If you represent an organisation, whether a small community group or larger organisation, and want to work with us somehow, drop us a note at