Capacity Building Day

On Monday 7th October, Eco Dewi was invited to send representatives to attend a Capacity Building Day at Pembrokeshire County Hall, organised by LEAF; Local Energy Action Force, a Community Energy Pembrokeshire project. As well as members of the St. David’s project, there were individuals and project officers from sister LEAF projects in Tiers Cross and Tavernspite to name a couple. The event was led by the fantastic Ben Ferguson, the Welsh Government Energy Service Development Manager.

Ben from the Welsh Government Energy Service takes local energy very seriously!

The day was a real eye opener in trying to work out the energy output of potential sustainable energy projects with some back to basics maths to test the old brain cells! By the end of the day terms like Coefficient of Performance, System Rated Capacity and KWhAC seemed like normal daily expressions. All good stuff to prepare us for planning our own projects though.

The groups considered different sized solar arrays to calculate energy output and then the reality of what that might actually power in a standard home. This started to give everyone an idea of how big or small a solar project might be required to power a few homes. Past experiences and learnings were shared by the different project teams, along with current plans and ideas. It was brilliant to hear about some local success stories, no matter how small, and it was really inspiring and envigorating to consider what we could achieve in the St. David’s Peninsula.

Massive thanks to Ben for leading this informative and fun training session and to Geraint Michael, LEAF Project Officer for the St. David’s Peninsula, for organising our attendance. There will be more training and visits over the coming 6 months so if you are interested in becoming a part of Eco Dewi or attending an event just drop us a note at:

Could this be the scene in the St. David’s Peninsula in a year’s time?

Cambrian Offshore Ltd: New Owners of Ramsey Sound Tidal Energy Assets

St David’s Peninsula Local Energy Action Group – now renamed EcoDewi has been finding its feet over the last few months, but the project is already bearing fruit, proving to be an excellent platform for our engagement as a community with the various parts of the Energy Sector. 

We’ve successfully made contact with Cambrian Offshore Ltd: the Company that has purchased the former assets Tidal Energy Limited in Ramsey Sound.  Sue Barr, the CEO was kind enough to meet with St. David’s Local Energy officer, Geraint Michael recently, outlining their intentions for the site.  We’re looking forward to working closely together to make sure that we as a community can make the most of the benefits of the development.  

The intention for the site is to salvage as much data as possible from the TEL project, and then make the site and its facilities as attractive as possible to those wishing to commission small-scale devices – providing they are willing to share information on their performance with the rest of this emerging industry.  

The hope is that this will boost the development of Tidal Power as an energy source, and bring further investment to the area.  This also has potential as an excellent a community-owned device.

Over the next few months, we intend to work with key partners on creating viable business models for projects like these – building on the experience of previous projects elsewhere.   

Sue Barr will be at our Shaping our Peninsula’s Energy Future Event at Oriel-y-Parc on October the 26th to give a presentation on plans for the site, and to answer questions. 

October Event: ‘Shaping our Peninsula’s Energy Future’

Building on the progress made in previous years by St. David’s EcoCity group, EcoDewi will be holding its first public event on Saturday, October the 26th at Oriel y Parc11am-5pm.  It’ll be drop in event with a lot going on, plus some presentations and a Q&A session either side of lunch, which is provided.  Find out what’s happening; make suggestions; share insights; get involved.  There is no charge for the event, and lunch is also provided.  See below for the day’s programme.

Event Partners:

  • EcoDewi
  • The LEAF Project (lead partner)
  • Welsh Government Energy Service
  • Cambrian Offshore Ltd.
  • Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum
  • Marine Energy Wales


  • Energy-themed Snakes & Ladders
  • History & Hopes tree
  • Tidal Energy Pod
  • Collective energy Mapping